As a husband and wife-owned design business based in Tacoma, WA, we are on a mission to create positive social impact through expert digital design services.

We specialize in collaborating with creators, small businesses, nonprofits, and neurodivergent clients to bring their creative visions to life.

What’s in the name Etali?

We are black and women owned family businesses. We originally chose our name Etali in 2017 during a time of significant life challenges that were a catalyst to for the work we do today. Fast forward to 2020 we decided to open our doors for business. The name Etali embodies the concept of "today" in the beautiful Angolan language of Umbundu. It's a representation of our philosophy—to do what you can with what you have to create the change you want to see in the world. 

How does digital design help create social change? 

Digital design is our chosen tool for supporting positive change. Through visually attractive branding, website design, and pitch deck creation we collaborate with change-makers on the margins, so they can stand out online, and excite positive action for the causes, and actionable solutions they care most about.

Our Why  

We draw inspiration from our ancestors' resourcefulness, and strive to reshape the world through our craft. From the legacy of Jordan's great grandparents, who triumphed over adversity following the Tulsa Race Riots, to the resilience of Paulo's family through the Angolan Civil War. They used their creative gifts to create newness, joy, and possibility when it seemed they had their backs against the wall. 

Join Us!

We invite those who care deeply about affecting this change to join forces with us. Let’s use our creative energies together to leave a durable and meaningful mark on our world—one design at a time.

Our Team

who you’ll be working with!

Paulo Chikoti-Bandua

With an MBA in entrepreneurship and over 7 years of experience as a self-employed designer, he brings a fresh and unique perspective to every project. Paulo is also a Dribbble.com certified product designer.

Paulo is neurodivergent and it is a powerful asset in his creative endeavors. His lived experience enables him to bring a unique blend of empathy, deep thought, intuition, and adaptability to client work, enhancing our collective work with invaluable perspectives.

Outside of work, Paulo loves cooking, hiking in the PNW, and audible audiobooks.

Spotify Favorites:

Kokoroko, and Khruangbin

Jordan White

With over a decade of experience in nursing and management, she brings a ton of expertise to our projects. What's more, Jordan's highly empathetic, great at planning, tech-savvy, and rocks an eye for design. She's the perfect guide to turn your visions into reality.

Outside of work, Jordan is always exploring new shows and books, fascinated by the human experience. She's also a grounded and nature-loving person, as reflected by her love of earth tones.

Spotify Favorites: (so, so many)

Yusef Lateef, Kendrick Lamar, Sam Cooke